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RigSavvy is an independent website dedicated to providing honest, unbiased PC component reviews. Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date information about the state of the market in order to help you make informed decisions about your PC components.

We provide unbiased, objective information on CPUs, GPUs, motherboards, RAMs, storage devices, power supplies, coolers, cases, mouse, keyboards, speakers, headsets, and more. We do not take advertising or sponsorships from any companies, nor do we accept paid reviews.

When you come to RigSavvy, you’re going to find a community of people who want to be smarter about buying and using computers. We want to help you save money and avoid problems. We test and we’re always looking for new ways to help our readers make better purchases.

RigSavvy Authors

Sehab Ahmed

Sehab Ahmed 3

Sehab Ahmed is an electrical engineer who has been using and tinkering with computers since the early 1990s. He’s currently working in the IT industry while pursuing his interests in electronics, technology, and computer hardware. His main hobbies include overclocking and modding computers. Sehab has served as IT manager for small businesses and large corporations, providing computer consulting and development services. When not at work or running a home business, Ahmed enjoys cooking, reading comic books, and attending local sci-fi conventions.

Muhammad Shehab

Shehab 1

Muhammad Shehab is a professional overclocker and PC hardware enthusiast who has been using and tinkering with computers since he was in middle school. He enjoys showing others how to get the most out of their PCs, and can often be found in the forums and at Reddit, sharing his knowledge and helping users out. Accordingly to his motto “Rig ’em yourself” he loves building computers and overclocking them. Away from the computer, Shehab enjoys skiing, playing tennis, and spending time with his family.